Baldslow Quest For Love




Kenzo Von Den Kleinen Bären
Ch. Memorylane Absolut Looxx Ch. Diotima Sea Scout
Ch. Ch. Memorylane Oneder Woman
Felicitas Von Den Kleinen Bären Ch. Nobility Mr. Mason
Casique From Peer's Of Miners Lake
Ch. Ginette Von Den Kleinen Bären
Ch. Babbacombe Good Will Hunting Babbacombe Chequers
Babbacombe Ommadawn
Ch. Bonny And Clyde's Take A Chance On Me Ch. Papaws Yankee Doodle
Ch. Bonny And Clyde's Diadem Durcy


HD:B CEA/PRA/Cat free
DNA profile:
Progeny: Black, Brown, Blue and Fawn
Contact: Conny Kaiser
Tel: +49 26637124











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