Ch. Miner's Lake Two Of Us



Ch. Caramac Change The Beat
Ch. Ramsgrove Rumba Ch. Diotima Seawolf At Ramsgrove
Ch. Firstprizebears Very Brown
Caramac Campanology Ch. Brenriga Give 'N' Take For Ruartha
Ch. Caramac Chrystal Clear
Ch. Ramsgrove Awol Annie
Ch. Gillaber Drummond Ch. Gillaber Tillycorthie
Gillaber Cairnacay
Ch. Firstprizebears Chattoga At Ramsgrove Gallas Last Post At Whistlebrae
Ch. Firstprizebears Z'Tampa


DOB: 23-11-2011
HD: A Eyes: Clear
DNA profile: Yes
Progeny: Black and brown
Contact: Patricia Soeters
Tel: +32 485671955











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